Free Educational Videos

The following is a list of recommended links to FREE videos and documentaries which help to explain and demonstrate important concepts in economics, politics or other aspects of the people’s struggle against oppression and exploitation:

Crisis and Openings: Introduction to Marxism (from Prof. Richard Wolff) – My favorite video, where Professor Wolff explains simply and concisely the entire history of capitalism, communism, feudalism, slavery, markets, crises, and more…all in 90 minutes!

The One Percent (from Jamie Johnson) – Amazing documentary from Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson and Johnson fortune, exposing the reluctance of the rich to acknowledge the problems of wealth inequalities.

Looking for Fidel (from Oliver Stone) – Fascinating documentary where Oliver Stone aggressively interviews Fidel Casto and confronts him with the popular accusations of the world. Watch Fidel’s own responses, as well as the responses of his people, to learn there are indeed two sides to every story. (See also: “Will the Real Terrorist Please Stand Up”)

South of the Border (from Oliver Stone) – Similar to “Looking for Fidel”, Oliver Stone this time takes a somewhat more open-minded approach in interviewing the late Hugo Chavez, the eccentric socialist liberator of Venezuela from capitalism. Extremely helpful for getting the point of view of socialist South Americans.

The Billionaire’s Tea Party (from Taki Oldham) – Shocking investigation into the roots of the modern tea party movement. Sheds light on “astroturf” activism techniques and corporate sponsorship from Koch and other corporate interests, including interviews with propaganda experts and an undercover trip into the inner sanctum.

Crossing the Line (from Daniel Gordon) – Surprising perspective on North Korea from one of a handful of American defectors who managed to successfully cross the 38th parallel while manning the line after the Korean war. For those on the bottom rung of capitalism, almost anything different is a step up.

Koch Brothers Exposed (from Robert Greenwald) – Excellent expose of the infamous Koch brothers, funders of tea-party astroturf movements and capitalist crony poster-children.

Vanishing of the Bees (from George Langworthy) – Critically acclaimed film exposing the role of agro-chemicals from companies like Bayer in the massive outbreak of sudden bee colony collapses.

Sarah Palin: You Betcha (from Nick Broomfield) – Objective documentarian speaks to the Palin family and Sarah’s friends while trying to get an interview with the queen herself. Learn how the “popular kids” have taken over American hearts and minds while burning every bridge along the way.


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