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Please watch this in full if you are among those who have been tricked by propaganda into thinking there is any merit to anarcho-capitalism and this nonsense about some “invisible hand of market self regulation”.


We have seen a recent resurgence in public outcry for America to “bring back” free-market economics. The GOP and the tea party lobbies especially promote this idea, often going so far as to decry any attempt at holding businesses legally accountable for their actions to be “communist”. Yet when we examine the facts and endeavor to think about them honestly, are we not ALREADY in a free-market system? Let us find out…

As things stand today in America, it is fair to say that those who find themselves among the upper echelons of capitalism are in no significant way impeded by our government. Has Monsanto had any trouble avoiding the testing of GMO foods beyond three months, or even legally banning the simple labeling of these products? Did any of the petty fines lodged against the big banks stop them from gambling with our futures, either before or after the 2008 financial crisis? Have ANY top capitalist companies been unable to influence recent elections following the Citizens United verdict of 2010?

It seems obvious to me that when a government can no longer follow its most basic mandates, such as protecting the citizenry from profit-centric big businesses, regulations do not really matter that much. Many of our laws are even written directly by corporate-funded lobbyists including those representing big oil, Wall Street, etc. Since the era of Reagan, many if not most laws have actually been written only to forbid certain types of corporate or economic regulation. So if the government has quite literally been prevented in most cases from even passing regulations that might impede things like monopolization, risky trading, fraud, or even in some cases safety hazards…and when top capitalists can purchase votes, voices and opinions by the busloads…we can then rightfully say that this IS essentially a “free-market”.

America is of course an advanced free-market, as opposed to the immature free-markets which have not yet developed the capability of appeasing the public via phony government representation. We can see this when we compare it to younger free-market situations where governments are instead virtually absent, like with the death of so many garment factory workers in Bangladesh. This indicates that the free-market as a whole extends far beyond the United States, encompassing all countries in which governments are either miniscule (Bangladesh) or little more than a dog and pony show meant to keep the workers from rioting in the streets (America).

The truly shocking aspect is the belief that government somehow corrupts the capitalist marketplace, and not the other way around. Modern so-called “democratic” governments are formed for the purpose of representing the public in the face of those who might exploit it or do it harm. They are designed to place limits on things like capitalism and its tools, including the marketplace, to ensure that business is transacted with respect to the public’s interest. When they begin to fail more and more at this task, who is to blame? Do we blame the very idea of placing safety and other types of limitations on capitalism in the name of public representation? Or should we maybe take a closer look at how capitalism works by daring to at least lend an ear to its most prominent scientific critics, rather than demonizing them as being akin to Satanists or occultists? Because if not for the practically unavoidable infiltration of governments by those who are hugely successful at capitalism, would we really have so much to complain about in the first place? I will be the first to admit that agencies like the FDA and even the EPA or OSHA have become mostly bureaucratic and thus provide very little effective or helpful action. They may indeed be so far gone at this point that they should simply be disbanded. But those who want to put nothing in their place are ignorantly signing their own death warrants. We know that most industrial injuries and deaths worldwide happen, and have always happened, when a capitalist has sought to cut corners and put profits before the public interest. History and current events make no secret of the fact that large companies do not in fact lose any considerable business for engaging in unethical practices. Instead they figured out long ago that as long as they simply lie and say everything is indeed ethical, or they “didn’t know”, all is forgiven almost immediately. And you really cannot blame the government for bailing them out when the banks and corporations themselves set up systems to ensure that the only other option available would be to allow a total economic collapse. When the facts are examined regarding the big bank crisis it seems that the free-market and those who worship it must accept total blame for what happened. This can be seen clearly in their successful attempts to block the common-sense regulations suggested beforehand by Brooksley Born, and in the confession to congress afterwards of Alan Greenspan that his entire view of reality with regards to free-market advocacy was inherently “flawed”.

What we are seeing today from these so-called “free-market” advocates has nothing to do with free-markets. It is a corporate strategy using professional and expert propagandists sponsored by cartels like the Koch Brothers, big pharma, big tobacco, etc. In funding and managing groups like Americans for Prosperity, the Libertarian Party, Fox News and so forth they are consequently able to dictate nearly all of the tea party’s opinions and activities.  What they are actually pushing is simply a rebranding of something called “social-darwinism”. Basically it says that if you are not born with wealth or the talent for acquiring wealth then everyone will benefit if you simply die off like the slowest antelope. Sadly, the majority of those who are now promoting this warped view of reality are good, honest, working people. They are not evil, deceptive or stupid. They are just overworked and under-informed by a system designed to deny them the time and tools required to tell truth from lies. Nonetheless, as workers without wealth who are being exploited for labor surpluses, what they fail to realize is that they too are among the very, very large group of expendable “slowest antelope”. Capitalism has now gotten so big that companies can easily suffer worker or even consumer deaths by the thousands without skipping a beat. Even crushing economic downturns in the market only hurt the poor, while the rich get richer on short-sales and hedging. When we look closely we can see that public representation has already been all but disarmed, leaving in its place a truly “free-market”. And thus THEY are “free” to do as they please, to always profit, to never go to jail, to rarely go out of business…and all the while that capitalist engine of exploitation, subjugation and oppression just keeps on chugging…without anyone ever daring or even bothering to question it.

To summarize, I think a protest sign I once saw at a rally for bipartisanship said it best: “TEA IS THE NEW KOOL-AID!!!!”

The Anonymous Adamizer
(aka @Adamizer1)